Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tactical interviewing

A good interview is comprised of good open ended questions, that require more from the interviewee than just yes or no answers. Some examples of this would be "tell me about yourself," "what do you like to do," or "where do you work." After you ask these questions you can delve deeper into their mind by asking questions on their hobbies, jobs, and interests. Another good thing to do in an interview is to try and connect with the person that you are interviewing, because you may find out something more about that subject, or something interesting about that person.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What is journalism

Journalism looks like newspapers and stuff. Journalism is writing articles or reporting about topics, whether they be boring or interesting. There is good and bad journalism, an example of good journalism would be someone who goes a lot and gets a story about something relavent and interesting, and they don't put a spin or any bias on it. An example of  good journalism would be someone that gets a relative and interesting story, and just tells people how it is, with some of their input as a reflection. I see journalism every day whether it be in the form of magazines, newspapers, or tv. I'm not really interested in journalism, I just need an English credit so that I can graduate.