Friday, November 8, 2013

Bullying in the NFL

  • When do pranks cross the line to become bullying?
    I think that pranks are healthy and fun for everyone that isn't getting pranked, but the person that is getting pranked can laugh at it after. Pranks cross the line into bullying when the pranks continue while you are in your own home. Also if the person uses straight up racism that bullying too, no matter what.
    How important is intention — whether or not the perpetrator meant to cause emotional harm? How important is the reaction — whether the victim of the prank feels hurt, or not?
    Intention is important, and if you are just joking around with the person you should let them know that it was just a joke, and if you caused emotional harm you should apologize. The reaction is equally important, because if someone is picking on you and you just sit there and take it, they are just going to keep doing it. So make sure you let whoever it is, whether you are the pranked or the prankee, how you feel about the pranks.
    The behavioral patterns that have been said to occur on the Miami Dolphins include “racist and homophobic slurs and macho threats against a player and his mother,” according to a Times editorial. How do you think the N.F.L. should treat harassment and abuse in the locker room and off the field?
    I think that the NFL should let the players sort things out because they are all grown men and should be able to settle issues by themselves. All you really have to do is apologize and just stop bullying the person, it really isn't that hard. However if the two men cannot sort things out the nfl should step in and give out fine sand suspensions.