Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rap turf war

  • Who does hip-hop belong to?
  • I believe that a genre of music can "belong" to a specific race or person. That is not the nature of music. It's made for anyone to enjoy, so why can't anyone be successful in any kind of music.
  • Are white artists who prosper in hip-hop robbing from black musicians? Or is music fair game for all true fans?
  • White rappers are not robbing from black rappers. If your music is more is easier to identify with more people are going to like it. I think that a lot of the things that black rappers talk about is very hard for a lot of people to connect with so only a group of people would only enjoy their music. Does this means that it is worse? No it does not, it may be better in some ways, just how popular it is might be a factor.
  • Should Macklemore be apologizing? Is his apology sincere? Is it appropriate?
  • I really don't think that Macklemore should be apologizing for his accomplishment. I think that some people may think that it is appropriate. It's like winning the lottery and then apologizing to all of the people that didn't win it. I think that Macklemore's apology was sincere he wanted to show that he has respect for other artists, and he doesn't want to be like "I'm the best rapper ever!"

Friday, January 17, 2014


    So far this year has been decent for me as a writer. The thing that I have struggled with the most is going and doing interviews, but incorporating the interviews into writing isn't very hard. Although this problem  kind of made it hard to write a feature article which requires interviews from multiple people.
    There are a few good reasons why I chose the profile on Adam. The first reason is that I really liked how the article flows and how the start of each paragraph didn't seem out of place. The second reason that I chose this article was that I really liked the intro. I thought that it was really ironic how the start of the article was like the intro to a sports story and Adam wants to do sports journalism. The final reason why I chose this article is that I think I utilize the quotes very well by weaving them throughout my commentary. This quote a good example:  "Adam manages to lead his team without misusing his power, "B-rob is a good captain, because he never yells at us for no reason, and when everyone else is mean he is there for them." Adam also gives rides to the underclassmen every day, "so he puts up with a lot of (crap)."" The one weakness that I could really see in this article was that I think it should have been longer. I could have done this by asking Adam more sports related questions, like how long he has been playing or what his favorite thing about each sport is. The first thing I did when I was getting ready to this article was coming up with questions to ask Adam. Then I messages him on Facebook and asked him all of the questions. Next I took the quotes and I put them onto a pages document. After that I started writing and I inserted a quote where I saw fit.
    Why did I choose to include my college essay? First off I thought this piece was very personal to me and I think it showcases who I am as a person and how I think. In this piece I feel as though I utilized immaculate articulation by using sayings and the quote "when we was racin'." Another thing that worked well in this essay was my description of the scenery at the racetrack, it makes you feel like you are almost there. The last reason that I chose this essay was because I really liked the conclusion. The way I ended it was a good summary of what I learned during the summer, "This race season taught me a lot about how sometimes you need to be patient, and when things are looking bleak you can always persevere." There actually wasn't much that I didn't like about this essay, I thought it was a really strong piece. However the one way that I would like to improve this piece is by referring back to the essay prompt more than just once.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Personality profile: Adam

Adam "B-rob" Brobst and the Falcons of Freeport have gained one more win this week over the Poland Knights in a hard fought battle on the gridiron, ending in a 7-0 score. The Falcons are now 2-1 this season, with hopes of becoming 3-1 this coming week against the Wells Warriors.
    Brobst is one of four captains on the football team, and is soul captain of the line.  He also has the least amount of football experience out off all of the captains. When asked about his thoughts on being captain he stated: "But overall I enjoy it. It's nice to have the responsibility of a leader and having people look up to you and being able to inspire your team." Adam manages to lead his team without misusing his power, "B-rob is a good captain, because he never yells at us for no reason, and when everyone else is mean he is there for them." Adam also gives rides to the underclassmen every day, "so he puts up with a lot of (crap)."
    Brobst plays just about everywhere on the Falcons' offensive line and on defense he "dabbles in both linebacker, defensive end, and defensive tackle." He also swims during the winter, he's been swimming since third grade, and he specializes in freestyle and breaststroke.
    I asked him which sport he likes the most, and he found it hard to decide. "I love them both. I love the physicality of football and our team is great because we've all been playing together for years. But I also like swimming cause it feels like it's me vs the world out there and you go out to make yourself better each time, plus that team is also amazing."
    After high school Brobst hopes to go to Ithaca college in upstate New York and study communications and journalism with a sport focus."Ideally journalism is only the beginning, my hope is to be a sports analyst at some point. And I gained interest in doing that by watching the buffoons on TV and realizing I could do better."

College essay

    People have always been big on tradition, whether it be a family trip, a certain religion, or maybe just a Sunday dinner. Like most people, my family also has a tradition that started amongst my Father and his four brothers. Unlike most people this tradition is racing stock cars. Whenever there is a social event going on and my father is present, you would be very hard pressed not to hear at least one story that starts with "when we was racin'."
    Before the race season started this year, my father asked me if I would be interested in driving a race car. I thought 'why not, racing is in my blood, it can't be all that hard'. The first time I took the car out for practice I was fish tailing down the front stretch. Coming into turn one I finally lost control and ended up in a sand bank. I moved the nose of my car over a good two inches to the left, and I learned that some things aren't as easy as they look. Over the summer I spent every Thursday and Saturday at the racetrack and the scenery grew on me. The sound of the engine revving and the smell of the racing fuel is strangely soothing. When I am strapped tightly into my seat I feel free, free from being told what to do, and free to make all of the decisions. The only thing I have to worry about is the person in front of me and how I'm going to get around them.
    When the season finally started I felt more and more comfortable driving, which is attributed to all of my seat time. My first race I came in second to last which made me feel like I needed to prove a point, so the next race I came out with a fire in my belly. I was bound and determined to win this race. So much that even when it started to rain I didn't let up, I passed three people and won the race in the two laps that followed. From this moment on whenever I drive my race car I am perfectly content. Throughout the rest of the race season I was faced with adversities that I had to overcome, mostly attributed to mechanical failure. It was discouraging to get lapped in one race and to barely be able to finish in another race. This race season taught me a lot about how sometimes you need to be patient, and when things are looking bleak you can always persevere.